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Loja Sistemas

An e-commerce web solution to a Portugal-based computer store

Created Jun 01, 2017 - Last Updated Jun 01, 2017


Sistemas is a computer store located in Batalha, Portugal. It has facilities open to the public, selling and repairing a range of well-known brands in the technology world. They also have several software solutions on the market. is an e-commerce web solution I implemented, built with Prestashop, Symfony framework, PHP as main language and SCSS for styling.

The objective was through a web service sell articles for the computer shop, in the most automated way possible, and that allows an administrator to add, remove and edit items and information related to marketing.

This project was seen by me as the first in my experience, as it was the first to enter the production phase. Despite this fact, what motivated me was the PrestaShop framework, a challenging and modern technology.

This project allowed me to develop PrestaShop for the first time. I applied and learned knowledge of PHP, HTML, SCSS, CSS. I already had slight comprehension of Symfony, which was a help for little backend touches.


Website preview #1
Website preview #2
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