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My Personal Portfolio

Older versions of my personal website.

Created Jun 01, 2010 - Last Updated Jun 01, 2010


#Version 5 (Latest)

The latest version of my personal website is based on Lennart Jörgens’s repository portfolio-v2, live at Was made with the following stack: React + Typescript, Gatsby + MDX, Chakra UI + Emotion, Formik + yup

#Version 4

4th version is based on AbdaliDahir/gatsby-portfolio’s repository. I have a page redirecting from GitHub Pages and GitLab Page to my website, you can check the repositories here and here, respectively.

#Version 3

Available here at (Source Code), version 3.0 was made with Gatsby, React, GraphQL, styled-components, forms using Formik and protected by Google Recaptcha. Inspired by (Source Code)

#Version 2


#Version 1

The first version was made with Jekyll. Inspired by


Website preview #1
Website preview #2
Website preview #3
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This is my personal website made with and . Respectfully inspired on LekoArts code.


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