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Costa Lan-Party Website

A informational website for a lan-party event

Created Jun 01, 2010 - Last Updated Jun 01, 2010


Costa Lan-Party was a series of events (2010 and 2011) organized by Centro Popular e Recreativo da Costa (C.P.R.C.). The aim is to connect gamers and tech enthusiasts in a fairplay competition, full of joy and funny moments. From modding contests to gaming tournaments, the event had about a hundred participants, a dozen prizes and half a dozen of sponsors.

It was an honor to be part of the organizing team, which aimed to provide all the conditions for participants to have a unique and exclusive experience.

This project was seen by me as the first in my experience, as it was the first to enter the production phase. Despite this fact, what motivated me was the PrestaShop framework, a challenging and modern technology.

This project allowed me to develop PrestaShop for the first time. I applied and learned knowledge of PHP, HTML, SCSS, CSS. I already had slight comprehension of Symfony, which was a help for little backend touches.

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Costa Lan-Party 2010 Website Preview
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